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Project Syndicate: The Race for a Vaccine

The RSA: Mariana Mazzucato on New Economic Approaches

Project Syndicate: The Value of Government Risk Taking

Interview at Tufts University for 2018 Leontief Prize

Plus 4 News, Austria

Role of the State, Innovation and sustainable growth

Financial Times interview: the billionaire space race

The EIB is fundamental in an era of financialisation: Interview with Mariana Mazzucato

EIP Water Conference 2016

Interview, Lerchendalkonferansen 2016, Norway

Interview following meeting with Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff and Ministers to discuss O Estado Empreendedor

ITIF interview: The Entrepreneurial State and Why It Matters

Interview following The European House / Ambrosetti Workshop

Interview for iMinds, Flanders’ Digital Research

The Economist interview: Can the state drive innovation?

WEF interview – Where are the European Googles?

INET annual conference: Human After All – Socializing Risk vs. Socializing Reward

tank magazine interview: the state of innovation

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Mazzucato in a Transforming Finance short film (with Andy Haldane, Victoria Chick, John Kay and others)

Mazzucato’s parts at 2.53 and at 19.00

INET interview: making finance work for Innovation

INET interview: how the state drives innovation

CIPFA Conference 2013

Interview at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

The Innovation Debate 2012

The Entrepreneurial State

video blog on public and private investment for innovation

FINNOV YouTube ‘Stock Bubbles’


Economics of Innovation: 90 seconds lecture