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Key Questions

  • How can missions be used to harness public and private collaboration to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals?
  • How do we need to govern missions on an international basis to solve grand challenges like climate change and access to health?

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Mission oriented innovation for the SDGs

Mission oriented innovation for the SDGs

Prof Mazzucato’s ground-breaking work to implement mission-oriented innovation has recently been taken up by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), a body of the United Nations, to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDSN are committed to supporting the devliery of SDGs at local, national and international levels, and see mission-oriented innovation as a framework for delivering purposeful innovation. There is a great need to combine understandings of sociology, politics, economics and technology to solve the problems articulated in the SDGs, as well as to make the conscious decision to point innovation towards them. This is exactly what a well-designed mission can achieve and what the SDSN Networks are well positioned to help bring about. The SDSN Networks are already bringing those knowledge disciplines together and helping to transform universities so that they will be ready to work in a coordinated, transversal way. This involves helping them to align their incentives to develop a culture of thinking outside of the box so that working across disciplines to connect natural and social sciences becomes commonplace, and innovative alliances using the entire research and value chain can be harnessed in the pursuit of solving today’s most difficult global challenges.

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