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De Waarde Van Alles

In onze economie wordt het onttrekken van waarde – het toe-eigenen van winsten, zoals dividenden voor aandeelhouders en bonussen voor bankiers – beter beloond dan het scheppen van waarde: de motor van een gezonde economie en samenleving. Als we ons verziekte kapitalische systeem radicaal willen veranderen, moeten we nadenken over waar onze welvaart vandaan komt. Wie creëeren welvaart, wie eigenen zich die welvaart toe en wie vernietigen het? De antwoorden vormen de sleutel voor het vervangen van het huidige parasitaire systeem door een type kapitalisme waarin iedereen meetelt. De waarde van alles is een bevlogen bijdrage aan het debat over de wereld waarin we willen leven.

Winner of the 2018 Leontief Prize for Advancing the Frontiers of Economic Thought

Shortlisted for the FT and McKinsey Business Book of the Year 2018

"‘A compelling call to reinvent value as a key concept to help us achieve the world we all want’"

Robert Costanza, Nature

"Passionate, infectious, timely … An exposé of how value extractors and rent-seekers have been masquerading as value creators in the global economy."

Fran Boait, Prospect

"In this thought-provoking book, Mariana Mazzucato argues that it is far too easy for those operating in the market economy to get rich by extracting value from those who actually create it, not by adding it themselves. We need to return to the question: what creates value?”

Martin Wolf, Financial Times

"One of the world’s leading public intellectuals … her analysis rings true … a positive vision of growth.”

Liam Halligan, Spectator

"She is the sort of critical friend capitalism needs”

Philip Collins, The Times

"Offers a fundamental re-think of what constitutes real value in the economy.”

Steve Denning, Forbes

"A restless thinker … Mazzucato’s mission is to overturn the now dominant neoclassical theory of value ... Mazzucato is seeking to recreate the dynamic public-private interaction – and the spirit of adventure – that led to triumphs such as the moon landings.”

George Eaton, New Statesman

"The normally iron-clad security of shareholder value is challenged as a material motivator, a theme further explored by Mariana Mazzucato in The Value of Everything, who argues that we urgently need to rethink where wealth comes from to heal a sick system.”

Richard Kilgarriff, Management Today

"Essential reading.”

Delphine Strauss, FT Magazine

"Mazzucato calls for nothing less than a complete reconsideration of our system of economic values.”

Adam Tooze, New Statesman

"Her target is the conventional wisdom that so-called wealth creators deserve to accumulate massive riches. Mazzucato sides with the actual makers, those who struggle in an economy tilted in favour of the ultrawealthy … She is especially eloquent when commenting on arrogant tech-giant billionaires.”

Kirkus Reviews

"She excoriates the global financial industry. We need to rethink our ideas on value, and how financialisation has turned us away from value creation to value extraction.”

Hans Pienaar, Business Live

"Mazzucato notes that the rise of entrepreneurship, along with the past deregulation of financial industries, is fueling the fire of economic inequality and an economy without value.”

Jennifer Adams, Booklist

"The way in which financialisation proved to be an anti-industrial strategy is admirably set out in leading economist Mariana Mazzucato’s new book The Value of Everything. In it she describes the “two faces of financialisation.”

Chi Onwurah, Independent

"Mariana Mazzucato is sure the economic forces that affect our lives can serve the public interest again.”

Angela Nagle, Irish Times

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Mariana Mazzucato: ‘Overheid moet moonshots doen’

Mariana Mazzucato: ‘Overheid moet moonshots doen’

“Overheden moeten grootse doelen stellen om klimaatverandering, vergrijzing en armoede aan te pakken, vindt de adviseur van de Europese Commissie. In plaats daarvan laten ze zich nu veel te veel piepelen door het grote bedrijfsleven.” Wouter van Noort