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Professor Mazzucato contributes to media around the world. She regularly appears on TV programmes including BBC Newsnight, Channel 4 News, Sky News, Bloomberg News, and Italian programmes including Ballaro' and Otto e Mezzo (see TV interviews here).

Her articles have been published internationally including in the Guardian, the Observer, the Financial Times, The Economist, Project Syndicate, Foreign Affairs, La Repubblica, the New Statesman and Wired Magazine. Her work has been reviewed in the New York Times, Forbes magazine, The Economist, the Financial Times, The New York Review of Books, and Corriere della Sera among others. For a full list of articles see links below.

In 2013 the New Republic called her "one of the three most important thinkers about innovation". Click here to download a press bio sheet.

Media Contact: Anne Oliphant T: +44 (0) 203 108 6173

Featured Articles By Mazzucato

La luna dello stato padrone

La luna dello stato padrone

“In Italia, periodicamente, si torna a dibatter sulla presenza dello Stato nell’economia, con la consueta preconcetta dicotomia fra quelli che sostengono i benefici della liberalizzazione e quelli che” more…

Featured Articles About Mazzucato

Growing firms: Mend the gap

Growing firms: Mend the gap

“Being “mission-oriented” sounds like the influence of Mariana Mazzucato, who argues strenuously for recognition and enhancement of the role of the state as an investor and shaper of the economy.” Douglas Fraser more

Business Book of the Year 2018 — the longlist

Business Book of the Year 2018 — the longlist

“Mariana Mazzucato’s thought-provoking The Value of Everything, which argues for a more sustainable form of capitalism, “pushes us to get away from the simplistic creed that markets are always good and governments always bad”, according to the FT review.” Andrew Hill more

Sisters doing what they love

Sisters doing what they love

“Valentina and Mariana Mazzucato are both leading scholars in their fields of research: migration and the economics of innovation, respectively. […] Judging by these sisters, if there’s a key to success, it’s enthusiasm.” Jolien Linssen more

Featured TV

Sky News

Brexit uncertainty and its effect on the economy


A ‘parasitic’ system in need of change


Rethinking Capitalism to Create Global Value

Featured Radio

BBC Radio 4 – Start the Week: Dark Satanic Mills

BBC Radio 4 – Start the Week: Dark Satanic Mills

“The economist Mariana Mazzucato is calling for a reform of capitalism, to replace taking with making. She argues that the global economy has become a parasitic system in which value-extraction is more highly rewarded than value-creation.”

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