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Category Archives: RTS Series 2

William Lazonick (theAIRnet & University of Massachusetts) argues that the source of the wealth of nations is not ‘the market’ but business enterprises, governments and households. Watch it on YouTube more

Leonardo Burlamaqui (Ford Foundation) problematizes the standard view that markets ‘work’ and are self-regulating by default, and that the State should only promote perfect competition and correct market failures. Watch it on YouTube more

Richard Nelson (Earth Institute, Columbia University) claims that market failure theory as a rationale for the existence of the State is one of the most pernicious bodies of economic thought and analysis. Watch it on YouTube more

Ha-Joon Chang (Faculty of Economics, Cambridge University) argues that economics and politics are inextricably linked and that there’s no fixed boundary between the State and the market. Watch it on YouTube more

Mariana Mazzucato (SPRU, University of Sussex) opens the series arguing that market failure theory cannot account for mission-oriented innovation policies in the development of radical innovations. Watch it on YouTube more