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Gary Dymski (University of Leeds, UK) argues that State Investment Banks are an important alternative to the private banking system in providing ‘patient’ finance to promote growth. Watch it on YouTube more

João Carlos Ferraz (Brazilian Development Bank-BNDES) is interviewed by Mariana Mazzucato on the role BNDES plays in funding projects from which private finance shies away. Watch it on YouTube more

Rainer Kattel (Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance, Estonia) discusses the distinctive ethos of the State and why it is fundamentally wrong to expect the State to perform just like the private sector. Watch it on YouTube more

Andrew Fischer (International Institute of Social Studies, The Netherlands) discusses the relationship between international financial flows and patterns of economic development. Watch it on YouTube more

Robert Wade (London School of Economics, UK) discusses the challenges of development for emerging countries, and the neglected side of East Asian industrial development. Watch it on YouTube more

Manuel Heitor (IN+ Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research, Portugal) discusses the ‘brain drain’ in Portugal and Europe, resulting from austerity and low levels of investment. Watch it on YouTube more

Giovanni Dosi (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Italy) discusses the relationship between innovation, the financial crisis and austerity. Watch it on YouTube more

Benjamin Coriat (Paris XIII) discusses austerity measures in France, the ‘fiscal compact’ signed by President Hollande, and the movement of France’s “Appalled Economists” (Les Économistes Atterrés). Watch it on YouTube more

Jan Kregel (Levy Institute and Tallinn University of Technology), leading Post-Keynesian economist, talks about the causes and consequences of the Greek crisis, and the ineffectiveness and side-effects of austerity. Watch it on YouTube more