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Jan Kregel (Levy Institute and Tallinn University of Technology) explained that the problem of economic recovery can only be solved by a recovery in employment. Watch it on YouTube more

L. Randall Wray (University of Missouri-Kansas City and Levy Institute) argued that, to reform the financial system, we must understand its nature and what a financial system ought to do. Watch it on YouTube more

Bill Lazonick (theAIRnet & University of Massachusetts) criticized economists and policy-makers for a failure to distinguish between value creation and extraction in the operation of the economy. Watch it on YouTube more

Ngaire Woods (Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford) spoke about global institutions’ three issues  since 2008: regulations, ‘global fire fighting’ capacity and the IMF and the importance of the World Bank. Watch it on YouTube more

Leonardo Burlamaqui (Ford Foundation) spoke about the lessons from the global financial crisis and the kind of reforms that are needed in order to recast private finance into a productive sector. Watch it on YouTube more

Mariana Mazzucato (SPRU, University of Sussex) asked: if rebalancing the economy is needed to promote growth that is both ‘smart’ and inclusive, then what is this rebalancing about? Watch it on YouTube more

Bill Janeway, (Warburg Pincus and Cambridge University) offers his insider’s view on the actual role private finance and the State play in funding breakthrough technological innovations. Watch it on YouTube more

Riccardo Bellofiore (University of Bergamo) discusses Keynes’ notion of socialization of investments as a means for promoting aggregate demand and employment. Watch it on YouTube more

Damon Silvers (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations) discusses the decade-long financialization process in the American economy. Watch it on YouTube more

Pavlina Tcherneva (Levy Institute) discusses the implications of the Great Financial Crisis of 2007 for employment and fiscal policy. Watch it on YouTube more