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Welcome, I’m a Professor in the Economics of Innovation at SPRU, University of Sussex. My work is focused on the economics of innovation; finance and economic growth; and the role of the State in modern capitalism.

I advise policy makers around the world on how to achieve economic growth that is both 'smart' - innovation led - and also more inclusive. My research is currently funded by two large grants from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme: ISIGrowth on innovation policy and Dolfins on financial reform.

My book, The Entrepreneurial State: debunking public vs. private sector myths, challenges the image of the lethargic, regulating state versus the dynamic business sector—using historical examples to show high risk, bold investments that led to technological revolutions were sparked by public sector institutions. It offers a new way of thinking about political economy in the 21st century. My new book, Rethinking Capitalism: Economics and Policy for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, co-edited with Michael Jacobs, is out now.

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Financial Times Review

Financial Times Review

“This book has a controversial thesis. But it is basically right. The failure to recognise the role of the government in driving innovation may well be the greatest threat to rising prosperity.”  Martin Wolf    PDF

The Economist Review

The Economist Review

The book ‘points out the big role governments play in creating innovative businesses’

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Five Key Points for Italy’s Banking Woes

Five Key Points for Italy’s Banking Woes

There is serious concern about Italy’s banks and whether the bad debt they are carrying signals trouble for the Eurozone. In facing up to its troubled financial system Italy’s political leaders could also benefit from a moment of reflection on what the role of finance could, and should, be in a dynamic and functioning economic system. As finance is central to the capitalist system, the lessons for Italy’s financial system are broader than the role of its banks. I will concentrate on 5 key points. First, money is not just a medium of exchange, replacing barter and then gold. Money lies at the centre of the economic system which is, as understood especially by the great economist Hyman Minsky


August 18, 2016

'Rethinking Capitalism': from Austerity to Green Policy


April 5, 2016

Report for Brazilian Government


January 28, 2016

UK economic growth


July 13, 2016

Economics of new UK Government

TVO Canada

September 29, 2015

Canadian Economy and Election


September 6, 2013

The Entrepreneurial State


October 24, 2013

Who made your iPhone?

Otto e Mezzo - La7

December 12, 2015

La Sinistra Potrebbe


September 11, 2015

Corbynomics & Labour's need for new wealth strategy



Paper for UK Government

Paper for UK Government

A Mission-Oriented Approach to Building the Entrepreneurial State, Professor Mazzucato’s paper for the UK Government’s Innovate UK.… more

US Senate Forum

US Senate Forum

Professor Mazzucato gave evidence to a US Senate Forum of the Middle Class Prosperity Project.more

mission-oriented finance

Mazzucato's Mission-Oriented Finance for Innovation (MOFI) project is focused on the role of the state in driving innovation-led, sustainable, inclusive growth. It was launched in 2014 with a three-day conference, opened in the UK Parliament by the Rt Hon Vince Cable, then UK Business Secretary. A pamphlet, Mission-Oriented Finance for Innovation: New ideas for investment-led growth, is published with Policy Network.

Financing Renewable Energy Workshop

Financing renewable energy requires the willingness of different financial actors to change the status quo in the energy sector. Mazzucato's recent workshop, Financing Innovation in Renewable Energy, (London, 11 February 2016) with Bloomberg New Energy Finance gathered researchers and data collectors to shed light on the different types of financial actors driving the emergence of renewable energy across the globe.

SPD Business Reception

28 September 2016


Professor Mazzucato's Keynote to German SPD Business Reception with Economic and Energy Minister Sigmar Gabriel.



26 May 2016


Keynote to UN Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean with Executive Secretary Alicia Bárcena and Mexican Finance Minister, Luis Videgaray Caso.


Argentinian Ministry for Science

22 April 2016


Keynote with responses from Lina Barañao, Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation & Francisco Cabrera, Minister of Production.


Raúl Prebisch Lecture

19 April 2016


Professor Mazzucato's lecture at the UN Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean, following Joseph Stiglitz and Dani Rodrik.


European Investment Bank

8 March 2016


Professor Mazzucato's talk to the European Investment Bank on The Entrepreneurial State and public investment banks.


TED Global

June 2013


Government: investor – risk taker – innovator. Professor Mazzucato’s TED Global has been viewed more than 700,000 times.


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EU Horizon 2020 Grant

EU Horizon 2020 Grant

Professor Mazzucato’s new EU funded project on Innovation-led, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth (ISIGrowth).

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upcoming and recent talks

Outthink 2016 Conference

Outthink 2016 Conference

Madrid, Spain – Keynote on ‘Growth, innovation and the role of the state’ at the Spain Digital Economy Association Outthink conference. Event website.

Sitra Forum

Sitra Forum

Helsinki, Finland – Keynote on ‘The entrepreneurial state – a new framework for innovation policy’ organised by Innovation Fund Sitra, Kalevi Sorsa and Tekes. Event website.